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What is Pi Xiu?Updated a year ago

A Pi Xiu is an animal that’s part dragon, part lion and part qilin. The third is more commonly known as the Chinese unicorn. It is use to attract and keep wealth when wingless while a winged Pi Xiu is for aiding students with their studies.

It is believed that the Pi Xiu was once a creature of the heavens, the son of the Dragon King, who violated the law. As a punishment, it was cursed to eat only gold without the ability to expel it, which is why it has a fat body. This is how it became the symbol for gaining and preserving riches. Pi Xiu’s fangs also serve as protection against demons, protecting the wearer’s health.

Wearing it either on a bracelet or a necklace will help you an amassing fortune but you need to observe the rules for wearing and caring of this spirit animal.

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